Assetic’s core business is providing holistic asset management solutions, across key areas such as implementation, training, process improvement, support of successful infrastructure asset management, and compliance to standards such as PAS55 and ISO 55000.


Our proven, structured approach to implementing enterprise asset management solutions is supported by a team of experienced professionals, passionate about helping you achieve your asset management goals. Like our cloud-based software, our implementation services are scalable to meet your specific needs, and can include integrations for ERP, geospatial and other third party systems.

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In today’s fast-paced, connected world it is essential to organisational objectives that systems act as a co-ordinated whole.  Assetic integrates successfully, at both application and data-exchange levels, with a wide range of third party systems including ERP, EAM, geo-spatial,  customer request management, document management, purchasing, and HR systems.

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Managed Services

We understand not all organisations have the resources required to undertake the breadth of their asset management responsibilities internally. Assetic works collaboratively with Managed Services clients to identify and bridge their organisation’s specific gaps, taking away onerous asset management tasks from your team so they can focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

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We believe client success is essential to our own success, and our business is only excelling if yours is. To deliver on this commitment, Assetic offers a variety of support options. Access our comprehensive online learning system, which is accessible anywhere, anytime for a variety of self-paced learning opportunities, or contact the support team directly – whichever works for you.

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A key aspect to delivering advanced asset management outcomes is the expertise of the people working with you. At Assetic we understand this, and pride ourselves on the depth and quality in our consulting services team, and the partners we choose to align with. We believe this wealth of collective experience, combined with a sincere passion for what we do, is what sets us apart.

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For more information, please contact us:

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