Assetic & Mansfield Shire: Transformational 5-year Deal


Assetic co-founder and director Ashay Prabhu said, “This partnership is exciting, because it’s about more than modernising our software alone; this is a full end-to-end approach to ensure asset management success, irrespective of inevitable challenges."

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Dr Penny Burns Talks Infrastructure


Asset Management industry guru Dr Penny Burns visited Assetic HQ in July in preparation for the launch of her new podcast, Talking Infrastructure. Dr Burns and the team talked passionately about changing mindsets, solving issues, and how to deliver the best asset outcomes now and into the forecasted future.

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According to Ashay – The Future of Asset Management


It’s 15 years to the month since our journey as Assetic started with two early adopters - Moyne and Corangamite Shires, in 2003. It’s been an amazing journey where our fraternity of Asset Management has taken us to every corner of Australia and NZ, and more recently outside our shores into Canada and USA.

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Come see us at IPWEA VIC & SA


Find us at IPWEA Vic this week (May 10-11) where we will co-present with Mornington Peninsula Shire, and IPWEA SA (May 24-25) to support Excellence Award nominee Kingston District Council (pictured).

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According to Ashay – What is the Age of Asset Intelligence?


Our world is shifting. With the advent of big data and the tools to interpret it, leaders have been given new ways to optimise their cities’ performance into the future. It’s an exciting time with brand new possibilities for us as a fraternity – the Age of Asset Intelligence.

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LGFP Cairns – a decade together


Assetic was proud to once again be a major sponsor of the LGFP conference – for ten consecutive years! The event took place in Cairns from November 21 – 24, 2017.

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