Assetic Assets is an intelligent asset register pre-configured for over 100 asset classes. Built in-line with international standards and best-practice, it is the central hub of your asset data including attributes, service level information, valuations, risk management and reporting. Assetic Assets incorporates powerful asset hierarchy structures which enable cross-asset category searching, analytics and reporting.

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Access to accurate asset data is the first step in successful strategic asset management practice, and capturing this information in an objective, repeatable manner is essential. Assetic Assessments ensures all asset data is captured efficiently and stored in a central location, enabling informed decision making and optimised capital expenditure.

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Assetic Maintenance is a pre-configured work management solution designed to accelerate business improvement through best-practice maintenance processes. Whether at the reactive, proactive or strategic level, Assetic Maintenance helps businesses ensure asset maintenance is executed efficiently.

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Assetic Mobility increases efficiency and visibility across all aspects of asset management by connecting the field to the office, delivering faster decision making, improved processes, and lower costs. The iOS and Android apps streamline key Assetic Maintenance and Assessments processes, while ensuring field staff capture data and execute work accurately.

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Assetic Accounting gives finance professionals who manage asset portfolios flexibility and control. It delivers improved transparency and insight at the level of detail that suits your organisation, enabling more efficient financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Assetic Accounting has been designed to support a range of accounting methods and works seamlessly with valuations data from Assetic Assets. Inbuilt asset transactions and workflows ensure reliability and efficiency in carrying out asset accounting.

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Assetic Predictor is a predictive modelling and decision support tool for long-term planning of infrastructure assets. It enables organisations to optimise service level outcomes and capital and maintenance expenditure. Industry-specific algorithms accurately predict the future behaviour of assets given available funding levels and enable scenario comparisons to aid decision making.

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Cloud computing delivers improved cash flow, predictable costs, controlled risk, on-demand access from anywhere, and immediate gains in flexibility. By delivering Assetic using this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, an internet connection is all the IT infrastructure you need. With fast implementation, painless upgrades, global access, and reliable data security, our SaaS asset management solution will help save you valuable time, reduce capital investment, and unify your team.

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For customers requiring an on-premises LAN/WAN solution, Assetic also provides a comprehensive suite of desktop products for managing asset information, valuations, maintenance management and predictive analysis, with a web-based portal to your data.

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