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More control, where you need it

Assetic Accounting gives finance professionals who manage asset portfolios flexibility and control. It delivers improved transparency and insight at the level of detail that suits your organisation, enabling more efficient financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Assetic Accounting has been designed to support a range of accounting methods and works seamlessly with valuations data from Assetic Assets. Inbuilt asset transactions and workflows ensure reliability and efficiency in carrying out asset accounting.

Ability to perform accounting tasks at component-level.

Facilitates fair value and historical cost, as well as multiple depreciation methods.

General Ledger-based structure with seamless integration to finance systems.

Workflow driven transactions which simplify asset accounting throughout the asset life-cycle.

Ability to use Assetic Asset’s costings for periodic revaluations.

Full suite of reports to satisfy internal and regulatory requirements.

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Component-level accounting
Asset accounting software

Assetic Accounting offers the ability to perform asset accounting component level, ensuring you have the granularity you need. Depreciation patterns can be applied to individual asset components, and the written down value, accumulated depreciation, remaining asset life and other key measures are system-computed.

Asset accounting software
fair value asset accounting software
Multiple methodologies
fair value asset accounting software

Assetic Accounting supports both fair value or historical cost methodologies, and also provides a range of depreciation methods including straight-line, reducing balance, sum of years, or a condition-based degradation profile. This means organisations can implement an asset management system without changing current accounting methods, and can choose to use a combination of methods should different asset categories be managed in different ways.

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Integration with finance
Asset system finance integration

Seamless integration with your finance system ensures both systems are operating at their most efficient, and reporting from the same data sets. Use Assetic Accounting as an asset sub-ledger and replicate your chart of accounts to enable seamless updates to your finance system. Assetic appreciates the need to export and import data efficiently and provides an in-built utility that allows import and export profiles to be saved and reused, using Microsoft Excel as the interface mechanism.

Asset system finance integration
Asset life-cycle accounting software
Life-cycle management
Asset life-cycle accounting software

Assetic Accounting enables users to easily manage the complete asset life-cycle within a single integrated system. The system supports asset accountants with a range of workflow driven, pre-configured transactions including additions, depreciation, adjustments, capital expenditure, revaluation, impairment, disposal, indexation, and hold for sale. In order to maximise efficiency all transactions can be executed in bulk via Assetic’s inbuilt data exchange and transaction engine.

Asset accounting software revaluations

Asset management requires a blend of accounting and engineering disciplines. Assetic facilitates this by enabling engineers to maintain remaining useful life and replacement cost estimates in the specialised costings area of Assetic Assets and periodically review these estimates with asset accountants during revaluation periods. This information can be used by Assetic Accounting on an individual asset basis or by asset class.

Asset accounting software revaluations
Asset accounting software reporting
Asset accounting software reporting

Financial accounting for assets is often accompanied by complex reporting requirements. Assetic Accounting allows you to streamline regulatory compliance requirements, and delivers pre-configured reports that provide either summarised or detailed information. Key reports such as financial reconciliation can be processed in seconds, and the full suite includes movements, balance sheet, depreciation schedule, capital expenditure schedule and more. In addition, Assetic’s advanced reporting suite allows users to create customised reports and save them as a profile to be used in the future.

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