According to Ashay: Accountneering Action for Audit!

Do these phrases from your auditors sound familiar?

And does it make you wonder why they didn’t ask you these?

It’s awesome that Australia is a leader in strategic asset management, but let’s get beyond valuations and accounting and turn it into true Accountneering.

Our fraternity has all the data it needs for very solid AM planning, yet gets bogged down for months and months trying to reconcile financial figures. And then stresses out trying to satisfy audit.

I will be personally getting involved this year, meeting audit offices to collaborate in the science of audit… to ensure audits are meaningful, consistent and ask the real questions which impact councils’ futures – not just reconcile numbers.

To all our clients – all of you got through this year, some with lot less pain that others. Moving forward let’s work on a philosophy of collaborating with the auditors prior to the final audit. Many of you did exactly that this year and the results were outstanding… well done.

Christmas is upon us and by the time we come out of the festive season it will be time to look forward to another EoFY … are you ready? Do you have a checklist?? If not, sign up below and in the new year we will send you a copy of the one we are creating to help ensure we kick off 2019 right.