Work collaboratively with a team that cares

A key aspect to delivering advanced asset management outcomes is the expertise of the people working with you. At Assetic we understand this, and pride ourselves on the depth and quality in our consulting services team, and the partners we choose to align with. We believe this wealth of collective experience, combined with a sincere passion for what we do, is what sets us apart.

Assetic TestimonyThe subject matter experts in the Assetic Services team are excellent to work with. They understand our facility environment as distinct to a linear asset environment and I would recommend Assetic for whole of life planning, asset life cycle modelling and prediction metric analysis to any asset intense agency.Assetic Testimony

Ian Alford

Group Manager – Asset Maintenance & Renewal, Deakin University

Our services team is experienced in delivering all aspects of asset management to a wide variety of clients, including but not limited to:

Asset Management Diagnostic

This process uses a service-centric framework to assess your organisational asset management maturity levels, through targeted facilitated workshops. The outcomes of the diagnostic improve asset management practices, identify resource requirements and detail a step-by-step program for asset management framework development.

Asset Management Policy

By clearly outlining your overall asset management policy, your organisation will have a framework to guide management of all assets. Assetic will work with you to develop a policy to assist in ensuring asset management goals are reached.

Asset Management Strategy

A clear asset management strategy outlines the specific details of how to achieve the goals defined in your policy documentation. Your organisation will be leveraging Assetic’s experience on how to structure a successful strategy through activities such as which selecting asset types to address first and the service levels and metrics to be applied, and determining your long-term financial plan funding requirements to ensure an effective implementation and outcome.

Strategic Asset Planning Framework

A strategic asset planning framework outlines your long-term strategy for managing a particular asset class including service level targets, asset degradation profiles, and asset life-cycles, as well as treatment types, what triggers them, and their impact on service levels. It is defined through a combination of your organisational knowledge and Assetic’s experience.

Asset Management Plans

A sound asset management plan breaks down the specific activities to be undertaken by your asset management team in any given period to achieve your asset management goals. Effectively your asset strategy gives you broad information such as which asset classes to address and when, the strategic asset planning framework dictates the treatment types and triggers, and the output of these is your asset management plan.

Level of Service Documentation

Today, asset management is service-driven, not budget-driven. Leverage Assetic’s experience in compiling your level of service documentation to ensure you are measuring the correct service level (for example condition, reliability, failure rates, or responsiveness), setting appropriate targets, and measuring against them accurately.

Business Process & Data Collection Manuals

Effective business process and data collection manuals document best-practice processes for your organisation. Assetic will work with you to establish these manuals, which detail everything from condition score rating scales to safety procedures, to ensure your organisation’s processes are reliable and repeatable.

Asset Valuations and Revaluations

Valuations are an essential, and often onerous, task which enables your organisation to correctly account for assets, and provides relevant and reliable information for decision. Assetic specialises in asset valuations, revaluations, and other EOFY asset-related activities. We can either work with your teams to satisfy your requirements, undertake training of your teams, or you can outsource the task in its entirety, depending on your needs.