Asset management consulting expertise, with you every step of the way.

Our proven, structured approach to implementing enterprise asset management solutions is supported by a team of experienced professionals, passionate about helping you achieve your asset management goals. Like our software, our implementation services are scalable to meet your specific needs, and can include integrations for ERP, geospatial and other third party systems.

A major benefit of Assetic’s cloud-based software is the fast implementation time, which provides your users quick access to functionality with no need to install software directly; simply log in from a web browser and start working.

Assetic’s robust implementation methodology comprises the following key steps, and can be applied at speed appropriate to your organisational needs; in as little as four weeks should time be a critical factor, or at a more measured pace should users require.

Assetic Implementation Process

  • Project Scope

    Using a default template that describes the delivery of Assetic, we identify the overall scope of your project, including identification of the deliverables to be signed off at the final Project Sign Off stage.

  • Gap Analysis

    Analysis and comparison of your current system to each Assetic module determines any gap between the two. Here we also ensure all functionality is covered, and ascertain the impact of the implementation overall so that areas which require extra attention are identified well in advance.

  • Workshops

    These sessions guide you through Assetic’s asset management framework, processes and system, and provide an opportunity to discuss and address gaps identified in the preceding phase.

  • Data Mapping & Configuration

    Now you understand more about theimplementation_icon Assetic system, data can be extracted from your current systems and mapped to Assetic. Your Assetic customer environment is created and configured according to your organisation’s requirement.

  • Data Upload

    After a final check of quality, data is easily uploaded into your Assetic customer environment using the data import facility, with data validation checks performed by the system during the upload.

  • Testing

    User Acceptance Testing is undertaken on each Assetic module implemented, to ensure all previous steps have been appropriately completed.

  • Training

    After all testing is complete, your users receive training in all relevant aspects of Assetic, and have ongoing access to the full suite of material available online via our learning management system, Assetic Learning.

  • Project Sign Off

    When all project deliverables identified during Project Scope are covered, your implementation is signed off as complete.

  • Support

    The Assetic Support team is now available to work with you long-term to ensure your organisation continues to meet its asset management goals.