Our experience can make your life simpler

We understand not all organisations have the resources required to undertake the breadth of their asset management responsibilities internally. Assetic works collaboratively with Managed Services clients to identify and bridge their organisation’s specific gaps, taking away onerous asset management tasks from your team so they can focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Assetic Testimony There was no real way we could afford audit compliance without the help of Assetic. To resource this in-house would have been an investment of around $150K– to get the systems, processes and people right. This way we have access to skilled resources with the extensive knowledge required to stay across all our compliance obligations – irrespective of any staff turnover issues.Assetic Testimony

Paul Duka

Corporate Services, Coorong District Council


Collaboration and expert support

By tailoring your Assetic Managed Services solution according to the existing capabilities and resource gaps of your organisation, we assist you to achieve your asset management goals as efficiently as possible.

Assetic’s services team have unparalleled asset management industry experience; we complete these reports, assessments and valuations every day, and are in touch with the latest regulatory, audit, and industry requirements.

The outcomes you need

Assetic can provide the service outcomes your organisation requires, including:

  • Asset register maintenance and upgrade for audit compliance
  • Expert valuations, including revaluations and reporting
  • Upload of journals and other outputs into third-party finance systems
  • Annual capitalisation and movements schedule for auditors
  • Annual financial reconciliation for auditors
  • Asset management policies, strategies and plans
  • Capital works programs based on accurate predictive modelling
  • Long-term asset and financial plans with scenario analyses for customer cost models