Tougher than ever EOFY Audits


"Helping municipal governments and infrastructure agencies across the world solve this very problem is the heart and soul of Assetic,” says Assetic co-founder Ashay Prabhu.

Tougher than ever EOFY Audits2019-03-27T12:20:46+10:00

Risk Mitigation in Modelling


“It’s integral we identify, assess and implement risk strategies and opportunities associated with managing these assets. This is in line with ISO best practice, and future-proofs these essential community assets,” explains Assetic's Tony Blefari.

Risk Mitigation in Modelling2019-03-25T15:01:45+10:00

Assetic Snags Senior CEO


Assetic has kicked off 2019 with the appointment of David D'Aprano to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Mr D’Aprano brings a strong history of building global services businesses, particularly for business-to-business providers in the technology space.

Assetic Snags Senior CEO2019-03-22T11:46:06+10:00

Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee’s leading approach to strategic asset management.


“Coastal assets are now at the point of a high-risk profile given lack of asset data, lack of inspection rigours and high use by community in peak periods,” says Ashay Prabhu. “This team is leading the coastal conservation industry in their approach to strategic asset management.”

Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee’s leading approach to strategic asset management.2019-02-27T12:26:43+10:00

Assetic & Mansfield Shire: Transformational 5-year Deal


Assetic co-founder and director Ashay Prabhu said, “This partnership is exciting, because it’s about more than modernising our software alone; this is a full end-to-end approach to ensure asset management success, irrespective of inevitable challenges."

Assetic & Mansfield Shire: Transformational 5-year Deal2019-02-18T11:01:12+10:00

Assetic and Transport Canberra & City Services


Project Background How can we provide opportunities for better recreational, health and social outcomes within current budgetary constraints?
Six TCCS communities had petitioned for new or upgrades to Playgrounds over the past two years. A key driver […]

Assetic and Transport Canberra & City Services2019-02-05T14:52:14+10:00

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