Tougher than ever EOFY Audits


"Helping municipal governments and infrastructure agencies across the world solve this very problem is the heart and soul of Assetic,” says Assetic co-founder Ashay Prabhu.

Tougher than ever EOFY Audits2019-03-27T12:20:46+10:00

Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee’s leading approach to strategic asset management.


“Coastal assets are now at the point of a high-risk profile given lack of asset data, lack of inspection rigours and high use by community in peak periods,” says Ashay Prabhu. “This team is leading the coastal conservation industry in their approach to strategic asset management.”

Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee’s leading approach to strategic asset management.2019-02-27T12:26:43+10:00

Assetic & Mansfield Shire: Transformational 5-year Deal


Assetic co-founder and director Ashay Prabhu said, “This partnership is exciting, because it’s about more than modernising our software alone; this is a full end-to-end approach to ensure asset management success, irrespective of inevitable challenges."

Assetic & Mansfield Shire: Transformational 5-year Deal2019-02-18T11:01:12+10:00

According to Ashay: Accountneering Action for Audit!


Christmas is upon us and by the time we come out of the festive season it will be time to look forward to another EoFY ... are you ready? Do you have a checklist?? If not, sign up below for a copy of the one I’m creating now to help ensure we kick off 2019 right.

According to Ashay: Accountneering Action for Audit!2018-11-30T11:25:41+10:00

Assetic Hackday Outcomes


If you haven’t heard of a Hackday, you’re not alone. Popular in the tech industry, many of the non-software team members at Assetic hadn’t either. But that all changed in early August when we held our first inaugural Assetic Hackday at HQ.

Assetic Hackday Outcomes2018-08-28T09:31:13+10:00

NAMS.AU for Asset Management Industry Excellence


Assetic is pleased to announce we are now a NAMS.AU Consultant Supporter. The National Asset Management Strategy Committee (NAMS.AU) is an IPWEA-based leadership and advocacy initiative working together towards the sustainable management of public works infrastructure, community assets and services in a nationally consistent, best practice manner.

NAMS.AU for Asset Management Industry Excellence2018-08-28T11:27:20+10:00

Dr Penny Burns Talks Infrastructure


Asset Management industry guru Dr Penny Burns visited Assetic HQ in July in preparation for the launch of her new podcast, Talking Infrastructure. Dr Burns and the team talked passionately about changing mindsets, solving issues, and how to deliver the best asset outcomes now and into the forecasted future.

Dr Penny Burns Talks Infrastructure2018-08-28T11:05:51+10:00

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