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For customers requiring an on-premises LAN/WAN solution, Assetic also provides a comprehensive suite of desktop products for managing asset information, valuations, maintenance management, and predictive analysis, with a web-based portal to your data.

Central strategic register and asset management system for all asset classes, which includes life-cycle costing, works tracking and in-built reporting functionality.

The asset accounting and valuation tool which pioneered degradation life-cycles and component-level calculations.

Purpose-built mobile solution to take Assetic myData into the field.

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Assetic myData is a central strategic register and asset management system for all asset classes, which includes in-built reporting, works tracking and life-cycle costing. Its flexible navigation structure allows users to structure assets intuitively into group for effective management. System security restricts viewing of data by user.

Made for infrastructure custodians, Assetic myData offers a streamlined, comprehensive UI, with over 14,000 inbuilt fields, formulae and algorithms across 40 asset classes.

The powerful analysis and reporting functionality features a flexible and comprehensive report builder which enables users to filter and group assets by any criteria, and save reports for later use. The system also features over 50 inbuilt reports based on industry standard and infrastructure reporting requirements.

The asset accounting and valuation tool which pioneered degradation life-cycle profiling and component-level calculations, Assetic myValuer includes automated valuations and comprehensive annual financial reporting based on industry best practice.

The system can be used for valuations based on age, condition, or a combination of both; degradation patterns user definable. The rate of depreciation may be determined using an age-based or straight-line pattern, or a condition-based degradation profile.

The Assetic myValuer reporting system is very powerful and easy to use, and caters for administrative, operational, and power users.

AssetCloud is an accessibility module, designed to complement Assetic myData by delivering access from any internet-enabled device. Viewing has been optimised for tablet devices, providing a mobility solution which allows live access for the viewing and editing of asset data.

Users in the field can edit asset attributes and raise, view and close off work requests, with user permissions restricting access as appropriate.  AssetCloud also features offline mode, which enables users to make changes to asset information or work order status in-field, and synchronises once back in internet range.