User-friendly mobile apps for field crews

Assetic Mobility increases efficiency and visibility across all aspects of asset management by connecting the field to the office, delivering faster decision making, improved processes, and lower costs. The native apps (Android and iOS) streamline key Assetic Maintenance and Assessments processes, to ensure field staff view, capture and record exactly what they need to, and delivering true asset management mobility.

Access key asset information and execute a range of tasks in-field.

Create and execute work requests and work orders, directly from the field.

Capture a wide range of asset information in-field such as condition, functionality, utilisation and risk.

Complete inspections, assessments and work orders from the field, even out of internet range.

Drive efficiency by bringing your office and field teams closer, irrespective of distance.

Use any internet-enabled device, thanks to native apps for Android and iOS.

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Asset management mobile app

Assetic Mobility features a streamlined version of our Assets, Maintenance and Assessments modules, to empower your in-field staff and improve efficiency. It enables access to relevant asset and work information in real-time for improved data integrity and response times.

Asset management mobile app
Offline asset management mobile app
Offline asset management mobile app

With Assetic Mobility, your in-field staff can undertake key tasks such as creating work requests, and creating and executing work orders, on site in real time – reducing user error by eliminating the need for paper forms and data entry. The streamlined, intuitive interface also means there is reduced need for user training, regardless of your work crew’s previous digital experience.


Assetic Mobility features a streamlined version of our Assessments module, with purpose-built web forms to capture asset condition, utilisation, functionality and risk information. Asset assessment data can be captured at asset or component level, enabling powerful analysis, and work requests can be created in-field should a defect be identified.


Assets are often located in remote places, outside of internet range. With Assetic Mobility, internet connectivity is not an issue – download key information before you move out of range, and be confident that all information collected will automatically synchronise once you return to a connected area.


Assetic Mobility improves efficiency and communication for your entire workforce. Simple, robust permission controls for internal or external work crews also mitigate risk and protect your data.


At Assetic we understand different organisations and users have different preferences in operating systems. If you engage with contractors, or operate in a resource-constrained environment, your in-field staff may even be using their own device. With Assetic Mobility, users can securely access asset data with any internet-enabled device, thanks to native apps for Android and iOS.