Achieve your business goals, faster

We’re excited to be in the cloud, and for good reason. Cloud asset management software delivers improved cash flow, predictable costs, controlled risk, on-demand access from anywhere, and immediate gains in flexibility. By delivering Assetic as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, an internet connection is all the IT infrastructure you need. With fast implementation, painless upgrades, global access, and reliable data security, our SaaS asset management solution will help save you valuable time, reduce capital investment, and unify your team.

Accessibility & Scalability

Assetic’s cloud-based software is available to you and your teams anywhere, anytime – either by logging in online, or using the native mobile applications in Assetic Mobility. Users have on-demand global access through laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so productivity never slows. The number of users can be scaled up or down, depending on your business needs, and all user access levels and authorisations are completely in your control.

Lower total cost of ownership

Cloud-based SaaS solutions such as Assetic involve a significantly lower up-front investment than on-premises solutions. Implementation costs are reduced, because cloud products are easy to deploy and require minimal initial and on-going involvement from your in-house IT resources. The subscription-based access to Assetic means there is no need for upfront capital expenditure or upgrades, and predictable ongoing operating expenses.

Leverage knowledge

With Assetic, you gain access to unparalleled levels of asset management expertise – be that from our team directly, the Assetic Learning industry portal, your own team thanks to the collaborative nature of the system, or from industry peers through benchmarking capabilities in the platform. Access to this knowledge through Assetic’s real-time, configurable dashboards puts this power at your fingertips, and user-defined KPI reporting provides meaningful outputs for communicating with stakeholders at all levels.

Performance & Power

Designed for complex asset agencies with millions of assets and hundreds of asset classes, Assetic handles even the most complex asset management tasks at extreme speed. The rapid processing capacity and minimal wait time on transactions extends to reporting functionality and a powerful indexed search used by leading SaaS providers such as Twitter and Wikipedia.


Connected, integrated systems ensure everyone is working from the latest, most accurate information. All Assetic modules integrate seamlessly across the platform and in addition, Assetic integrates successfully with a wide range of third-party systems including ERP, EAM, geo-spatial, customer request management, document management, purchasing, and HR systems.

Availability & Uptime

Assetic is delivered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis through Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) high-availability data centres; you simply access it over the internet, or using our native apps in Assetic Mobility. This means your organisation needs no server infrastructure, can utilise a much more powerful IT environment than would be possible on-premises, and your IT team are free from the burden of ongoing upgrades and testing to focus on other high-value activities that better serve your business.

Security & Disaster Recovery

Assetic is delivered via AWS data centres, to ensure industry leading security and reliability standards are met (including ISO27001 certification). We are independently audited annually by a leading third-party security services firm, and perform regular penetration testing. Assetic operates in accordance with industry best practice guidelines: ISO27001, ISO27017, NIST 800-144, CSA 3.0 & ASD.

To protect your organisation in the unlikely event of a disaster, Assetic utilises two availability zones within each AWS region to ensure our application is highly available. Full daily data backups are encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard, and stored remotely.

Internally, a global audit trail features also enables you to track all system changes, and efficiently identify the cause of any errors which may arise.