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Assetic Predictor is a prediction modelling and decision support tool for long-term planning of infrastructure assets. It enables organisations to optimise service level outcomes and capital and maintenance expenditure. Industry-specific algorithms accurately predict the future behaviour of assets given available funding levels and enable scenario comparison to aid decision making.

Apply condition-based life-cycle degradation profiles to accurately model the future condition and service levels of every asset.

Allocate available funding in the optimal way to extend asset lives and improve service levels.

Determine long-term funding requirements to achieve desired service levels.

Create scenarios to demonstrate the impact of increased or decreased funding to inform capital investment decisions.

Produce a prioritised year-by-year capital works program at the touch of a button.

Ensure your customers’ service level requirements drive capital investments.

Use outputs and reports to improve stakeholder communication, as well as satisfy internal and regulatory requirements.

Seamlessly interconnect with either Assetic or other third-party asset management database systems.

Reduce user training requirements thanks to simple, intuitive interface and design.

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Asset management software predictive modelling

Infrastructure assets rarely deteriorate according to a straight line profile; a variety of factors including condition, age, environment, usage, user behaviour, and quality of materials must be considered. By applying service-based life-cycle degradation paths at component, specific asset, asset type or asset class level, Assetic Predictor enables you to accurately forecast the health of your entire network, and monitor the effects of maintenance and treatments applied.

Asset management software predictive modelling
Asset life-cycle optimisation software
Asset life-cycle optimisation software

In today’s resource-constrained environments, every dollar is scrutinised. By allocating available funding in the optimal way Assetic Predictor extends asset lives and improves service levels, leaving you with superior asset performance while minimising capital and maintenance expenditure. The proprietary algorithms powering Assetic Predictor have been built, tested and proven to enable true optimisation across a range of asset types and industries, globally.

Asset capital investment planning

Whether for a single asset, or an entire asset portfolio, Assetic Predictor enables you to evaluate long-term funding levels required to achieve desired service levels. Analyse whole-of-life asset costs for a pre-determined strategy, and if appropriate further segment this data to understand the cost per customer so you can price accordingly and justify price adjustments to key stakeholders.

Asset capital investment planning
Asset management scenario modelling
Asset management scenario modelling

Using Assetic Predictor, you can forecast changes to future condition and service levels of every asset in your portfolio given decreased, fixed, or increased funding. This informs decision making about capital investment that maximises the health of your asset stock, based on proven asset management science and accurate scenario modelling (up to fifty years) of treatment types, intervention points, funding levels required and more. Powerful trade-off analysis between asset classes also allows allocation of your total budget at the asset class level.

Capital Works
Capital works planning software

Assetic Predictor delivers a prioritised capital works program with minimal user effort. By providing a list of assets due for treatment in a given year, together with treatment costs and breakdown of annual funding, it ensures businesses understand both the works activity required and its financial implications. Project management can be managed seamlessly with Assetic Maintenance’s strategic projects module, or existing third-party systems.

Capital works planning software
Asset service level optimisation
Asset service level optimisation

The modern asset management world has seen an inversion of the traditional budget-driven approach, where funding levels dictate asset condition and service, to a truly service-driven approach. Assetic Predictor facilitates this best practice model, which is in line with ISO55000 and other international requirements, ensuring that it’s your customers’ service level requirements that drive capital investments.


Strong communication is integral to success, and reporting compliance for asset-intensive organisations is increasingly onerous. Assetic Predictor produces a range of outputs including financial and life-cycle reports, based on internal or regulatory requirements. The pre-packaged reports and custom report builder allow information to be easily exported for inclusion in your asset management plans and other documentation, and facilitate improved stakeholder communication.


Assetic Predictor seamlessly connects with either Assetic or third-party asset management, finance and other systems, using API integrations and / or the data exchange facility. By effectively importing external agency data without requiring extensive manipulation, you are also able to power Assetic Predictor using your existing asset register data.


Assetic Predictor’s simple structure and intuitive interface requires minimal user training, empowering users to explore the benefits of prediction modelling without extensive involvement from Assetic. This level of usability is even more beneficial, given the flexibility within the system – so your users can make their own changes when and if required.