Dr Penny Burns Talks Infrastructure 

Asset Management industry guru Dr Penny Burns visited Assetic HQ in July in preparation for the launch of her new podcast, Talking Infrastructure. Dr Burns and the team talked passionately about changing mindsets, solving issues, and how to deliver the best asset outcomes now and into the forecasted future.

Together the group honed in on what we most want to achieve with our infrastructure, and issues such as the changing prioritisation of public safety as a requirement in our increasingly unsettled global environment.

The group discovered a combined commitment to focussing on the outcomes of asset management, rather than the inputs. As a result, Assetic and Dr Burns are excited to be taking this discussion to the next stage with a featured edition of Talking Infrastructure now in the works.

“I believe it’s time to be more vocal about the importance of a service-based planning approach than ever before,” Assetic Co-founder Ashay Prabhu said. “Community needs should drive our asset planning; we ‘know’ this but often think it’s all too hard. But in fact, we now have data to join the dots and compile the information politicians and treasuries are crying out for. We now have access to such superior data that we’ve opened a fountain of knowledge, to make service-driven planning the way of life.”

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