Facilities management applies across a wide range of industries including higher education, community housing, government-managed facilities, and stadiums – to name just a few. Responsibilities cover an equally broad scope and may encompass facility master planning, construction, refurbishment, maintenance, space management, and ensuring a safe and secure overall environment. Today, funding shortages and mounting backlogs are increasing pressure on the management of infrastructure facility assets.

Assetic Solutions

Assetic delivers comprehensive, end-to-end asset management, pre-configured for facilities management and based on industry standards such as ISO55000.

Assetic - Facilities Industry

Assetic Assets includes facility-specific asset classes, life-cycle profiles, degradation patterns, and integrates seamlessly with all other Assetic modules. Further integrations with facilities management systems such as ARCHIBUS, BEIMS and other BIM systems are also supported.

Facilities managers can accurately model service levels, space utilisation, funding and risk-based asset scenarios to optimise decision making and help predict future impacts using Assetic Predictor. These whole-of-life asset outputs can then be used to generate integrated capital works and long-term financial plans.

The Assetic Assessments module facilitates condition assessment requirements from assessment of a building at a high-level down to detailed space-level assessments, giving your organisation as much or as little data as you need to make decisions about future capital works and maintenance programs. Purpose-built for assessors in the field, Assetic Assessments works on any tablet device, and is further supported by Assetic Mobility native apps if required.

Users can also manage word requests and work orders in the field, thanks to Assetic Assessments’ interconnectivity with Assetic Maintenance; this can include raising a work request on-the-spot should a defect be identified during an assessment activity.

Assetic Testimony Deakin University manages complex facilities ranging from commercial properties to educational classrooms/labs and student accommodation. Our buildings and facilities, with a replacement value over $2 billion, range from single level dwellings to multi-storey blocks with a total of over 15,000 individual spaces and thousands of mechanical plant and equipment assets.

Deakin uses Assetic platforms to manage the life cycle prediction of these assets. We utilise the assessments platform to manage our condition assessments to a room and sub-component level.

I would recommend Assetic for whole of life planning, asset life cycle modelling and prediction metric analysis to any asset intense agency.Assetic Testimony

Ian Alford, Group Manager - Asset Maintenance & Renewal, Deakin University