Ports are critical asset infrastructure, essential for economic communities to remain competitive as they deliver business inputs and take exports to the global market. Growth in trade, aging infrastructure and economic pressures mean effectively managing these assets is now more high-profile than ever before.

Port infrastructure has a useful economic life of up to 50 years, and even more in the case of maritime access shipping channels. These asset networks must be managed strategically to ensure long-term planning across the entire asset life-cycle so as to ensure an appropriate level of service is maintained to customers and stakeholders at the lowest possible cost and within an acceptable risk regime.

Many port authorities globally are already collecting and analysing a high volume of asset condition data, as encouraged by industry bodies, to improve industry best practices and facilitate information sharing.

Assetic Solutions

Assetic Predictor enables port infrastructure custodians to reliably understand, predict and influence the total life-cycle cost of their assets, such as jetties, roads, railways, navigation equipment and buildings. These scenario modelling outputs provide accurate forecasts based on age, condition, level of service and risk, and help organisations understand asset risk exposure and its influence on maintenance and renewal frequency.

Assetic Predictor facilitates optimised renewals decision-making for port asset management through reliably determining the best treatment types and associated timings, and can use existing asset condition data.