The rail industry is heavily asset-intensive. Millions of dollars are invested annually in procurement and management of a range of physical assets including rolling stock, track, signals, switches, platforms and overhead wiring. Rail assets should be understood as long-term investments, and managed accordingly to ensure optimum performance and lowest life-cycle cost.

Increasing passenger and freight demand across the rail industry means increasing strain on aging asset infrastructure, and new investment required. Rail organisations will have to deliver improved service levels, often with reduced funding.

Assetic Solutions

Assetic Predictor enables organisations to make informed decisions about balancing operating and capital investments, asset performance, and the operational risk inherent in managing assets. The advanced life-cycle modelling functionality means investment programs maintain asset performance more effectively, enabling decision-making that assesses overall asset life performance and cost, and ultimately optimises total cost of asset ownership.

Assetic provides a more systematic approach to asset management, assisting organisations that are working towards industry best practice compliance such as ISO55000.

The powerful, flexible and fast reporting available in Assetic Predictor also assists organisations in sharing knowledge and information more transparently with all stakeholders.

Assetic Testimony Assetic recently provided our organisation with a Life Cycle Modelling Framework via their prediction modelling platform module. For a chosen asset class (signals), Assetic worked with our staff and subject matter experts to develop whole of life models, degradation algorithms and intervention profiles for renewal and maintenance. This enabled us to develop a number of Life Cycle Costing scenarios to assist in the decision making process and understanding the impacts over the life of the assets.

The trainers and consultants have a very thorough understanding of Asset Life Cycle Modelling for linear and point assets like track, signals, facilities etc.

I have worked with Assetic in my previous roles across multiple asset types and would recommend them for Asset Modelling and Advanced Life Cycle Analysis.Assetic Testimony

Asset Management System Framework Manager, Large Australian metropolitan service provider