The water industry is responsible for the maintenance of essential infrastructure on which we all rely, and faces increasing pressure to demonstrate operational efficiency. Globally, water and sewer infrastructure is aging, and the cost to renew is staggering. With much of this infrastructure beneath the ground, it’s often difficult to communicate the importance of replacing these assets until it’s too late, and they fail.

Ensuring water supplies are secure, operating efficiently and demonstrating value for money to the community is just part of the increasing competing demands being faced – often with limited or reduced budgets.

Assetic Solutions

Assetic delivers comprehensive, end-to-end water asset management solutions, and is pre-configured for agencies’ requirements. Our solutions are based on industry standards, encompassing the principles of ISO55000, and are designed to accelerate organisational outcomes.

Assetic Assets is not just a strategic register, but also offers integrations with third-party systems to ensure all essential asset data is centrally located.

Agencies are able to accurately model service levels, funding and risk-based asset scenarios to optimise decision making and help predict future impacts using Assetic Predictor. Outputs can then be used to generate integrated capital works and long-term financial plans.

The Assetic Maintenance module delivers role-based, strategic management of all preventative and reactive maintenance activities, further complemented by purpose-built native apps in Assetic Mobility which give in-field access even when offline.