Left to right: Assetic’s Raston Nga, Senior Asset Management Consultant; WCC’s Jonathon Merrett, Coordinator Asset Management Strategy; Assetic Co-Founder Director, Ashay Prabhu

Assetic clients sweep IPWEA VIC Excellence Awards

The Assetic team was very proud to see client Whitehorse City Council (WCC) take out the Excellence in Asset Management Award at the IPWEA Victoria Public Works Conference in Melbourne in early May. The WCC team were commended by judges for their shift to modernised, service-driven strategic asset management for predictive modelling of council buildings.

“This is a great endorsement as IPWEA is the industry leader for engineering in Councils for Victoria and abroad,” said Jonathon Merrett, Coordinator Asset Management Strategy at WCC. “The award was for developing a new methodology to determine the accurate funding of our council buildings – the first of its type in Australia.”

Whitehorse City Council, a large Melbourne Metropolitan Council, took a thought-leading approach to the global issue of infrastructure gap which was looming over its asset portfolio – that raising rates and dropping services were not pragmatic options. WCC rather chose a true smart city option for management of facility assets – one which looks at granular data around customer expectations, future need and funding optimisation to return better services at the same cost as now.

“In terms of the world headline news of future sustainability, in line with the new Victorian legislation around ten-year asset plans, as accounted for in the Victorian Asset Management Framework, as discussed in various forums by VAGO Victoria and the DTF framework for decision making – this project is a hallmark for showing true customer value where a city uses data and analytics to cut future expenditure and save millions,” Assetic Co-Founder Director Ashay Prabhu said. “It was truly great work and a real case study for the fraternity on how big cities are excelling in management of facility assets to save millions in rate payer taxes.”

Kudos also to Glen Eira City Council (GECC), another finalist in the Awards. Aside from their acknowledgement as Excellence Award finalists GECC also delivered winning outcomes to their community as a result of the project, as explained by Coordinator Asset Management and Capital Simon Smith:

“The benefit to our community is pretty big, and it’s only going to get bigger as we progress. The advantage of the work with Assetic has been being able to better inform where our maintenance expenditure goes – that trade-off between certain operational and maintenance work to accurately inform our capital works. As a council we have a lot of major capital programs and projects that we want to deliver. Now, thanks to this work, we’re better able to allocate funds to the right projects for the community while still continuing operational maintenance work so condition levels remain acceptable,” said Simon.

“So the combination of working with Assetic and the information that we’ve been able to gather has certainly been able to help the community, in regards to providing them with better facilities at a high standard and hopefully more new facilities in the future.”

Learn more about Simon and GECC’s experience with the project and Assetic in this short video.