Adaptable training that works for you

Assetic delivers comprehensive software training programs and is also a specialist provider of asset management training. Our experience has shown us those who understand not just how to use our software suite, but why – the logic and theory of asset management science – report higher user adoption and ROI.

Assetic’s training programs are delivered using a variety of methods, to ensure there is the right option for every user, budget and need. Topics encompass the full suite of Assetic software, as well asset management industry courses, delivered by our capable, passionate staff.

Self-paced online learning

The Assetic Learning system hosts a catalogue of on-demand, online training courses. This enables users to study at their own pace, set their own schedule, and undertake training wherever and whenever they choose. Study is also supported by a raft of other user resources, including product information, webinars and user forum access.

Blended learning

Part virtual classroom, part self-paced, blended learning offers all the benefit of the virtual classroom with added flexibility. Instructors are available at scheduled times so users can still access coaching as required, but are able to self-pace their learning through a combination of videos, hands-on exercises and tutorials.

Virtual classroom

Our fully interactive virtual classroom training removes the need for expensive travel, while still offering users hands-on engagement with instructors. Our Assetic instructors are experienced in working in the virtual environment, and sessions are scheduled in a variety of time zones.

Instructor-led sessions

Assetic is a widely recognised provider of asset management training; it is a foundation of our business, and we’re committed to ensuring our clients understand not just the software but the science of asset management. Instructor-led sessions can be held at your facility, or at an Assetic or partner office, and involve highly engaging case-study based group work to deliver users real-life simulations.

Assetic Learning

Please review our catalogue of online and instructor-led training options, which covers Assetic’s full software suite as well as a wide selection of asset management industry topics. If you have training needs not listed, please feel free to contact us and discuss how we may be able to help.

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