Keeping Your Head in the Cloud: Terry Group Consulting Lunch

On Monday April 30th Assetic Co-founder Director Ashay Prabhu presented at the Terry Group Consulting lunch “Keeping your Head in the Cloud”, held at Brisbane’s Stamford Plaza.

An exclusive government event, it was well attended by over 60 people from a cross-section of regional Queensland Councils as well as attendees from many Queensland public sector organisations. The forum examined the future of systems to help local government stay at the cutting edge of smart cities technology, risk management, frictionless innovation, cost savings and digital engagement. 


“Discussions today proved that asset intelligence is truly maturing, and the appetite for IoT in simple forms is becoming a reality for smarter cities,” said Ashay on the day. “It’s an exciting time for us as Assetic moves from pilot to proven, unlocking the potential of IoT data in decision making.”

At the event Ashay delivered a keynote presentation discussing new ways to optimise a city’s performance into the future, and the exciting possibilities enabled in ‘The Age of Asset Intelligence’.

Joel Cherkis, Global Vice President – Infrastructure, Government, Education & Health – Industry Solutions Group, Oracle also presented a keynote. Joel discussed digital transformation for cities and very articulately described how the elements of smart city being intelligent transportation, safety, well being, liveability and connectedness can be made possible through Oracle technology. Joel shared lessons and findings from other international cities.


Ashay and Joel were then joined on a panel by Lani Refiti (Director and IoT Assurance Leader – PwC) and Neil Glentworth (Executive Chairman – GWI). The Open Panel spoke passionately about how technology and systems are being used around the world to create smart cities.

If you would like to learn more check out Ashay’s presentation below, or